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Zendaya Rocks Her Mullet Haircut In 2023

Zendaya Wears Mullet to Grammys, Pays Tribute to Bowie Essence
Zendaya Wears Mullet to Grammys, Pays Tribute to Bowie Essence from

Zendaya Rocks Her Mullet Haircut in 2023

Zendaya Coleman has always been known for her daring fashion choices, and now she's rocking one of the trendiest haircuts of the year: a mullet. The singer and actress debuted her new look on Instagram last week, and it has been turning heads ever since.

What Is a Mullet Haircut?

A mullet haircut is a style that combines the traditional short back and sides with a longer top. The top can be left long, or it can be styled with a comb or blow dryer. The sides and back of the hair are usually kept short and neat, while the top is left longer and more wild. This style is often associated with the 80s, but it has made a big comeback in recent years.

How to Get the Zendaya Mullet Look

If you want to copy Zendaya's mullet look, it's best to visit a professional stylist. A stylist can help you decide on the length and shape of your mullet, and they can also help you create the perfect look for your face shape and hair texture. After your hair is cut, you can use styling products to perfect the look and make sure it stays in place all day.

How to Style Your Mullet Haircut

When styling your mullet haircut, it's important to use the right products. You can use a medium-hold hairspray to keep your style in place, and you can also use a pomade to add texture and definition to your look. If you want to add volume to your look, use a volumizing mousse or a texturizing spray. To keep your mullet looking neat and polished during the day, use a lightweight hairspray and a comb or brush to keep the hair in place.

Why the Zendaya Mullet Is Here to Stay

The Zendaya mullet is here to stay, and it's easy to see why. It's a versatile hairstyle that can be styled to suit any occasion, and it looks great on anyone. Whether you want to rock a classic look or try something new, the Zendaya mullet is the perfect way to show off your style in 2023.

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